Energy efficiency in residential buildings

Habitat for HumanityIn 2015, the Bulgarian government adopted changes to the energy efficiency program for which Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria had been advocating since 2012. Back then, the government launched a national program to make multi-apartment buildings in 36 cities more energy efficient. Habitat Bulgaria suggested three modifications to make the process more accessible and effective:

  1. Decentralize the program – delegate authority from the national government to municipalities.
  2. Decentralize financial mechanisms of the program.
  3. Ensure that maintenance services are kept after the renovation to preserve changes.

The program was adapted after many proposals, meetings, press conferences and letters to various government officials filed by Habitat Bulgaria and members of the national housing coalition, Decent Home.

Number of people potentially affected by the system change
As of June 2015, more than 1,300 buildings signed up for the renovation program. This means that it can affect around 46,872 homes or more than 107,000 people.

Money allocated
The money for the program is allocated to the municipalities. For this calendar year the budget is € 500 million. It is co-financed by the EU (75%) and by the national government (25%).