Housing review Europe and Central Asia 2015

Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity is updating its Housing Review 2013 on Europe and Central Asia. The updated report will be launched at the 3rd Europe Housing Forum in Berlin on 18-20 November, 2015.

The Housing Review analyses the current state of housing in 15 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia which are struggling due to chronic underinvestment after reforms and housing privatization in the 1990’s.

The report’s goal is to help develop a set of practical recommendations on ways of addressing the housing situation across the region. Aimed at policy makers, regional, national and local government officials in the housing development area, the private sector, academics and NGOs, the report focuses on three themes—affordability, sustainability and livability—and how each affects Europe’s citizens. Affordability will address how to get people into homes; sustainability, keeping them in their homes in terms of improving energy efficiency; and livability; developing the communities of the future.