Erik Kirschbaum

Erik Kirschbaum, Correspondent, Reuters Berlin

Erik Kirschbaum, a native of New York City, has lived in Germany for more than twenty-five years. He has worked as a correspondent for the Reuters international news agency for the last 25 years and is also a non-fiction author. He has been based in Berlin since 1993. He has written about entertainment, politics, sports, economics, renewable energy as well as disasters, earthquakes and climate change in nearly thirty countries in Europe and North America. He is also a devoted father of four, an enthusiastic cyclist, a solar power entrepreneur and an unabashed crusader for renewable energy. His books include “Rocking the Wall: Bruce Springsteen the untold story of a concert in East Berlin in 1988 that changed the world”, and “Burning Beethoven: the eradication of German Culture in the United States during World War I”. He is currently writing a book on the U.S. soccer coach Juergen Klinsmann called “Soccer Without Borders”.