Branislava Žarković

Branislava Žarković, President, Housing Center, Serbia

Branislava Žarković is a founder and director of the NGO Housing Center – Housing Development Center for Socially Vulnerable Groups from Belgrade, Serbia. Architect by education, she has worked as a consultant and researcher in the field of housing for vulnerable groups and on displaced persons and refugee issues related to integration and housing, poverty alleviation, civic and cultural identity and institutional discrimination. Specific projects have included social housing in supportive environments, supportive housing for people with disabilities, livelihood enhancement for refugees and displaced persons, and various monitoring and evaluation projects.

Ms. Zarkovic has worked in a wide range of research projects related to housing and social housing, with emphasis on the housing for the most vulnerable. She has also coordinated the implementation of numerous infrastructure projects in the same field. As the Coordinator of the Housing Board of the Roma NGOs Association in Serbia, she was involved in advocacy for the right of housing as one of the basic human rights.