Dr. Orna Rosenfeld

Dr. Orna Rosenfeld, University of Westminster, United Kingdom, London (Photo: Robert Rafai)

Architect by training, Dr. Rosenfeld designed and helped delivery of over 6000 affordable homes before committing herself to international housing policy research, analysis and counsel.  She is an adjunct professor at Sciences Po – Paris Institute of Political Science and holds a doctorate in Housing from University of Westminster in London where she is also an honorary research fellow. A housing expert, Dr. Rosenfeld serves for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Over the past 18 years, she has advised, researched and published internationally as an academic and an independent consultant, providing services for advancement of social and affordable housing sector, housing market renewal, housing policies for migrants and refugees, city development, multi-level governance and more. Most recently she has authored UNECE study ‘Social Housing in the UNECE region: models, trends and challenges’ that examines housing in 56 countries of the global north.

Dr. Rosenfeld has presented at over 60 conferences in Europe, North America and the Middle East. She is a member of expert groups contributing housing efforts of the OECD, UN-Habitat, CBNC and Habitat III. In these forums she promotes practice informed cutting edge research for advancement of the housing sector.

In 2014, Orna was honoured as a World Cities Summit Young Leader at the World Cities Summit in Singapore, in recognition to her contribution to the field of urban liveability and sustainability.