How can appropriate housing enhance human development?

A decent home.

Human development is a complex term that has been used in multiple contexts and in many different ways, relating to a wide range of issues. From the definition of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (which defines human development as concerning from physiological needs to self-actualization, in a pyramid-style hierarchy) to more complex perspectives, human development concerns the rights of people, which go from basic physical needs to intangible aspects such as dignity and community interaction. [Read more…]

The heat is on

Warm and energy efficient homes for our future.

In April 2012, over 20 specialists on alternative heating systems, energy efficiency, housing and community development, financial services, and business development representing the private sector, banking, NGOs, government administration and UNDP (as the organizer of the event) discussed and developed technical solutions and commercially viable and replicable business models addressing rural residential heating. Considering that almost 50% of total building stock is used by residential single family houses, this is a vast but often overlooked market. [Read more…]

Promoting sustainable housing futures for all

Second Housing Forum for Europe and Central Asia, 22-24 April, 2013

Decent housing should be seen as a fundamental human right.

The Europe and Central Asia region includes diverse economies with varying housing situations, from owner-driven markets to strong social rental models or those in transition. The challenges in the region include natural disasters and adverse climate change, the reduction of poverty and exclusion, an ageing population, ineffective financial regulation and practices, outdated and dilapidated housing stock, poverty and unequal access to water and other essential services and increasing household energy consumption. [Read more…]