Three thematic approaches

The 3rd Europe Housing Forum will seek to surface new thinking about how to successfully address Europe’s housing dilemma through three lenses—affordability, sustainability and livability.


Workshop I: Affordability—Getting people into a home
While affordability is often thought of being about financial models, mortgages and rental rates, it is also made up of policies and people.  Europe needs to look at better ways of developing and providing housing that helps Europeans, regardless of class or income, have a decent place to live.

Workshop II: Sustainability—Keeping people in their homes
Europeans are faced with higher monthly payments for energy and services.  In many cases they are forced to make a decision to eat or heat.  They also have to deal with increasing costs to keep their homes livable and in good repair.  There needs to be an increase in sustainable development ranging from building materials, technology, and construction practices to make current and future building more environmentally friendly and economically viable.

Workshop III: Livability—Creating communities of the future
What will the cities and communities of the future look like? Intensifying urbanization increases pressure on delivery of municipal services, schooling, and health care.  It has also led to people leaving rural areas to look for work and fueled immigration to more developed countries.  Housing is at the core of change that is needed by cities and nations.  It is seen a key element in economic growth.  It sparks general employment and skill development, and increases disposable income.  It also helps develop social integration and cohesion on personal, family and community levels.


The 3rd Europe Housing Forum will be an opportunity to firmly set goals, inspire new solutions, and deliver practical recommendations that will provide citizens with decent, safe places to live and work.